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License # 40366128
Jim Kmecik
Our Location:
5722 Miller Trunk Hwy
Suite B
Duluth MN 55811

Welcome to Hetland & Associates..


   Hetland & Associates, located in Duluth, MN, services insured's claims in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, as well as the greater Duluth-Superior area.

   At Hetland & Associates we maximize the amount of claim settlement based on coverage's and provisions provided in an insurance policy for individuals or commercial policies. We do this by reviewing each policy to capture any additional or supplemental coverage's.

   Adjusters for fire, wind, smoke, steam, theft, hail, vandalism & water.


Adjusting losses for  policy holders in the Northland since 1965


"Formerly Gamst & Associates"


   Our process is to assess the work needed to repair damaged buildings and write an estimate to cover the cost of repairing the correct way, putting the insured back to where they were prior to the loss.


   Additionally, our professional, experienced team will inventory, price, depreciate and put in to report form for submission to the insurance company damage to the personal property, (contents). When we have all the information needed, We will negotiate damage and cost with the insurance industries adjusters, leaving you the insured, assurance to get on with normal life as much as possible until the claim is settled.

   As the property owner you will know the value of your claim and can then hire whomever you wish to make repairs or do what you wish with your property. The whole process gives control of the claim to you the insured, not the insurer. We are licensed and bonded in Minnesota.  We also adjust losses in Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. 


   We can provide references for commercial and residential work completed, upon request.


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