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Jim Kmecik
  Our Services

Adjusters for fire, wind, smoke, steam, theft, hail, vandalism & water.


   Do you understand all the terms used in your insurance policies? Policies can be complicated and filled with terms you might not understand. You can't be expected to know all that your policy entitles you to, considering the basic policy, all riders, and endorsements. Understanding your insurance policy requires specific training and we have that. Our job is to represent you, not the insurance company. The insurance companies hire professionals to represent them, you deserve trained professionals to represent you…we are those trained professionals. We assume the burden.


   The service that we offer is “unique”. Every loss is unique. No two business or home recovery situations are ever the same. We have the knowledge and ability to organize your claim. We know your policy and will obtain the maximum settlement that your policy allows

  What we do for you!
  • Will help arrange temporary repairs and living arrangements

  • Will help arrange protect the property from further damage

  • Prepare a written estimate of the building damage

  • Inventory and separate damaged and undamaged contents

  • Prepare records and documentation for living expense recovery

  • Negotiate value of loss for building and contents with the insurance company adjustor to obtain the highest settlement your policy allows

  • We assist you in completing all forms necessary

  • Assist in any other aspect of claim process as the need arises


What Is a Proof of Loss?


Is there anything below that you don't understand? If so, you need our help!

  • Sworn statement

  • Proof of loss

  • Non waiver

  • Replacement cost

  • ACV (Actual Cash Value)

  • Release forms

  • Valued policy law

  • Broad evidence rule

  • C & O

  • Co-Insurance

  • Insurable Interests

  • Reservation of Rights

  • ACV


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